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The Real Tuesday Weld — команда из Лондона, объединенные талантом и мечтами Стивена Коутса (Stephen Coates). Свинг, электроника, джаз, нечто неуловимо джентльменское  с мультмедийными штучками на концертах и эстетскими видео на сайте. На саунд-чеке в Москве музыканты (музыканты ли?) говорят о том, как находить хорошую музыку, почему мы любим звук старого радио, что бы они выключили во Вселенной, если бы был универсальный выключатель, посмеиваются на бас-гитаристом и специально для Podst поют песню "The ugly and the beautiful". Hey English speakers! There is an English transcript available as well!

Cпасибо Марине Цурцумии и уютное Цурцум-кафе на Винзаводе за помощь и доброту!

Записывали ups и aaa, изумленно наблюдая, как мультяшный человечек на экране за спинами ребят точно пел и играл то, что пели и играли музыканты). Видно, от восхищения перепутали имя басиста — его зовут Дон, а нет Том. Sorry!

фотки, конечно с телефона — ugly. beautiful -  на сайте группы.

песня есть и в длинном варианте звука, и выложена отдельным файлом. Акустический вариант.

Лало Шифнир — аргенитинский композитор — о нем говорит басист Дон.


The Real Tuesday Weld — a band from London, united by the talent and the dreams of Stephen Coates. Indie pop, swing, electronics, jazz, something imperceptibly gentlemanly together with multimedia at the concerts and an aestheticist video on the web-site. At a sound-check in Moscow musicians (or are they really musicians?) speak about ways to find good music, why do we like the old radio sound and what would they switch off in the Universe… They chaff their bass player and sing "The Ugly and the Beautiful" specially for Podst.

Special thanks to Marina Tsurtsumia and her cosy Tsurtsum Café at Vinzavod for her kind help!

Recorded by ups and aaa, who were amazed watching the animated man on the screen behind the guys sing and play exactly what the musicians were singing and playing. It was probably because of this astonishment that they confused the name of the bass-player: he’s Don, of course, not Tom. Sorry!

Photos taken on the mobile phone.

You can listen to the longer acoustic version of the song posted as a separate file here.


Lena Uporova: Uh-hm… One… one… one… Excuse me…

Stephen: Hello, I’m Stephen Coates from the Real Tuesday Weld. I’m staying here with Jacques on clarinet, and Clive on guitar and Jed on percussion. Hello.

Lena: And all of you together are…

Stephen: The Real Tuesday Weld. Also we got here Don on bass but we can’t hear him. – Pardon? – We have our bass-player here, Don as well, but you can’t hear him.

Lena: Yeah he got lost a bit… First of all, if you could play something and say what you will be playing…

Stephen: Okay. We‘ll play a song, yeah? – Yeah… — Okay, this is ‘The Ugly and the Beautiful’


Well after all that we’ve been through
Would you still call this “love”, baby
‘Cause love is the only proof
That the ugly could be beautiful

God knows I’m feeling spent,
Though I’ve still got my money, honey
Money is the revenge
Of the ugly on the beautiful

Well the drugs just ain’t enough,
Though I like the way they made us crazy
But love’s the only drug
That turns the ugly into the beautiful

And I can’t tell you why
I’m still so much afraid of dying
But dying reconciles
The ugly with the beautiful

Lena: When one listens to your music, one can’t imagine that hell exists. It seems that it was invented by jokers. So, the question is: does the hell exist?
Stephen: Absolutely, of course. You could not do without hell. Without hell how would you have heaven?

Lena: Is your music a consolation before the worst happens?
Stephen: The last bitter medicine before the end

Lena: Free medicine?

Stephen: It’s English medicine, it’s free.

Lena: I only saw your web-site. I never saw you playing alive. And here at the sound-check you looked more like writers rather then musicians, but it is written here that it is an electronic cabaret. Do you move much on the stage?

Stephen: We would like to move, but it is a small stage. We will stay like writers.

Lena: What is movement in your understanding? What is the source of your inspiration?

Stephen: Dreams

Lena: Actually in Russian dreams may mean dreams when you long for something or when your see dreams, when you sleep? What do you mean?

Stephen: Both. And also the memory is about are the music that we play. There is reminiscence of the past. So something like memories as well may be.

Lena: Why do you think the old music sample, the sound of old music radio tuning make us more nostalgic then old movies?

Stephen: I do not know. That is something about old radio sounds and also the sound of music in the next room. You know when you here the sound of music playing in another room. It makes you… it sounds like when you were a child.

Lena: There is always a possibility in the existing world to switch something on or to switch it off. I see that you are very peaceful people, but if you had a possibility to switch something off in the universe, what would you switch off?

Clive: Our bass player.

Lena: He is already switched off. And what would you switch off?

Jed: What would I switch off? I suppose, I’d switch off all the military. But that is really doubtful.

Lena: And you Stephen, what would you like to switch off?

Stephen: I think I’d like to switch off the sound of the traffic and the helicopters in London. Because this is mainly what you hear all the time.

Jacques: I hate crime and poverty.

Lena: It’s very difficult to switch off. Many people tried to.

Jacques: Absolutely

Lena: So we live in the world where there is a lot of music. And particularly now with all these networking things, Internet and all these… So, the question is if you can give a piece of advice for a curious person, who looks for a really worthwhile music. What would be his first step to find it? Or from one to third step?

A-ha, here is Don, the bass player is coming. Don, join us!

Don: The first step is to go to an old record shop, second-hand record shop and find something that you find interesting, it could be a photograph on a cover, it could be the way of design, the something that is not normal to you. And pull that, take those to you, but not too many. Take two or three, take those home and listen to them over and over. Today music goes by too fast and when you listen to the record over and over. And then you know if you don’t like it or you like it. If you don’t like, put it away. If you like it, you got something…

Lena: How much does such a record cost in London?

Don: Very little. It would be equivalent of… You can get records for 50p, which would be 20 roubles. So you can experiment for not too much money.

Lena: What was the last record you bought?

Don: The last record I bought like that was by Lalo Shifrin, that is a soundtrack composer. What I was gonna say that things are growing and digging… And the other thing is, don’t be afraid to asking your friends for something new to listen to. Don’t be afraid of music that just fit into one click. Something that I did when I was younger. I was quiet open for the things from Stephen, Jed or Clive, not so much Jack what would I listen to.

Lena: Did I understand you right that only Stephen earns his living only by music and the rest of you works somewhere else? It that right? Where do you work?

Jed: I am a carpenter.

Clive: I work for BBC radio. I am technician

Stephen: Don is a drug dealer.

Don: And male prostitute.

Lena: That thing that you hold, you pretend it’s a book but…

Don: In fact I work in the PENGUIN publishing house.

Jacques: I am an architect. Currently I work for the government

Lena: MI-5 or MI-6?

Jacques: MI-7

Lena: Stephen, how do feel among all these people with so interesting professions? You just sit and write music?

Stephen: I feel inferior.

Lena: And you also do this multimedia thing with music, yes? I was really amazing to see that the articulation of the drawn singer completely coincides to the real singing.

Stephen: I control my lips from the computer.

Lena: Really?

Stephen: No.

Lena: It’s magic?

Stephen: It’s magic, yes. I think it’s more interesting in a way to combine old things with brand new things. When you mix them together, something else happens.

Lena: Thank you very much. Good luck.

Stephen: The Real Tuesday Weld

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